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Moving On Up

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I really do plan to keep this blog updated daily but bear with me please, lol
Right now I am in the process of switching everything over to HostForWeb.Com
My friend Heather helped me to see the light! They are almost half the cost of
my current host and I get MORE for my $$! I will have RSS and MySQL access so that means
I will be able to use Wordpress for blogging. It seems to be all the rage and
I really do love the format. Heather, LuAnn and Kiki ALL use it.
So anyway, bear with me as I get this thing transferred, k? :-) The domain name AmericanBrandy.Net will
remain the same so you won't have to worry about updating your links.
Special shout out to Heather....you have been AWESOME, walking me through this
process, step-by-step. Thank you so much, Sis. I REALLY could not have done it without you!

One Woman's Junk Is This Woman's Treasure!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Still nothing exciting to blog about so I am going to PLUG, PLUG, PLUG, lol.
Ya'll know I am on my Save-The-Planet spiel a LOT lately...well, here is one
more way to do that: Freecycle™.
Have you heard of it?? It's a movement that's growing world-wide!
When you have an item you just can't use anymore, Freecycle is where you want to go!
Gift it away for free! In need of an item? You might be able to find it via Freecycle!
The Freecycle Mission Statement:
"Our mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources and
eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community."
There are over 1.3 Million members world-wide participating in this grass roots movement with more
joining everyday. Freecycle saves our landfills 55 tons of trash daily!
A group of my friends became Freecycle members a long time ago but I was in Japan
and could not participate at the time. Now that I am back in the US, I am THRILLED
that there is a Freecycle group in my community! Just today, my hubby and I went
and picked up a boxspring that was offered, we have been needing one for awhile.
As described, it was in very good shape and FREE! I can't wait to start "gifting"
some of my "household excess"! If you are interested in Freecycle, just click the
link (the word Freecycle) and it will take you to their website, where you will
get a full explanation of the organization and you can see if there is a
Freecycle Network near you!
Have fun and help change the world, one gift at time!!

Sk8R Mom

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Had an absolutely boring weekend, nothing to really blog about!
We went roller skating on Friday night, with the boys. It was K.T.'s
first time. :-) He did as well as you can expect a 3 year old to do
their first time. By the end of the night, he was actually trying to control
his skates instead of flailing about, lol. I surprised myself and did pretty
good for someone who has only been on skates twice in the last 12 years.
I did well enough that I would love to go back every other week, just for the
exercise alone. I think even C.J. was impressed. :-)
Saturday night we had company for dinner and we played a game called
"Fact or Crap". It's a Trivia Game, so of course, I won. I am the world's
leading authority on useless facts and mysteriously obtained knowledge.
Other than that, like I said..BORING weekend. Hope this coming week brings
adventure and excitement so I can thrill my blog readers. All three of them.

By George, I Think He's Got It!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

3 days in a row, no accidents in his underwear, woke up dry from his nap,
made it through a couple of outings and stayed dry....
could K.T. finally be *gasp*...potty-trained?????
Stay tuned to find out.......

Prince Charming To The Rescue?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Okay, so that's a stretch but I still have to go on record as saying that
I am impressed with Prince Charles' stance on the world climate changes
and global warming. So impressed in fact that I am posting for the 2nd time
today in my blog to express fact this as soon as possible. I have spent a good
part of my morning reading the latest headlines on his speech in San Francisco,
urging President Bush and the US to wake up and pay attention.
This subject needs to be a MAJOR platform issue in the 2008 Presidential
campaigns because it will be a MAJOR deciding factor for swinging my vote
and the vote of other Americans who are starting to realize that the state
of our planet, energy resources and weather are fast becoming critical.
We as a planet are on a collision course with brutal reality if we don't
quit hitting the snooze button on the environment!

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, There's No Room In The Tub

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ever tried showering with a 3 year old? I don't recommend it.
K.T. has been showering with me for as long as he could stand upright.
If I wanted to maintain any kind of decent hygiene routine, this was the
only way to get it done as K.T. is just one of those children who must be
watched at all times. He tended to explore a little too vigorously whenever
I looked away. Places like the knife drawers, for example. Yes, I know all
about child safety locks. Unfortunately, so does little K.T. So anyway,
at 3 years old he still showers with me. Which really wasn't a problem in Japan.
We had a fairly large walk in shower with a shower head spraying a nice and
wide spray. He would busy himself drawing on the tile walls with shaving cream.
Here in Maine, we are back to having your average American tub/shower combo.
And a puny shower head spray width. Showers with K.T. have now become a
tug of war over that 1 foot width of water spray. One step out of the spray
to grab the shampoo and I have been usurped, left standing at the fringe
of the spray shivering in the cold air. I find myself plotting and scheming,
trying to edge my way back under that delicious fall of warm water.
"K.T., look at your poor Bob the Builder bath sponge, he's crunched up
at the end of the tub. You better rescue him!" Sad, right? When we aren't
battling it out under the showerhead, K.T. manages to turn 4 feet of plastic
tub into his version of an indoor "Slip N Slide".
Try shaving with the human torpedo ricocheting back and forth between your legs.
For his safety and mine, I don't even dare to try. Unfortunately,
I am beginning to feel like a Wookie. It's time to kick this tub war
up a notch and oust the rugrat from the shower realm entirely.
Is chaining a toddler to the toilet considered abuse if it's for his own safety?
I am not completely unreasonable, I would give him a toy boat or something
to play with.......

Contemplating The Weather

Monday, November 07, 2005

*sigh* I can see a habit of late night posting forming here, it's almost 2am.
We watched the first part of the movie Category 7 tonight.
Interesting for two reasons. My 13 year old seems destined for a career
in weather. No, you won't see him anchoring your local weather and clicking
the weathermaps. He is interested in the scientific aspects of weather and
has been since he was a little bitty scrap of a boy. He seems to be aiming at
either joining the Air Force to become a Hurricane Hunter or going to college
and then trying to work for NOAA or NORAD. He watches all these weather
disaster movies and he just eats them up. I really enjoy watching him watching
these movies though, his eyes light up and he really pays attention to the
theories these movies portray. Which brings me to my second thought.
Global warming, greenhouse gases and the Kyoto Protocol. Now don't get me wrong,
I am a Bush supporter through and through but this is one area where I really
feel like he and his administration should be sitting up and paying attention.
Our planet is in trouble, and it's the only planet we have!! There is NO refill
or backup, people!!! This is IT. And more Americans should take notice.
Reversing hundreds of years of damage isn't going to happen overnight
so the sooner we start, the better. I feel very strongly that the Kyoto Protocol
is a step in the right direction. No, it's not a panacea but it CAN help
to slow down the destruction until we figure out what to do about it.
The US is THE largest contributor to this mess and yet we won't ratify the
Kyoto Protocol?? Granted, I agree with some of the President's reasons for
not ratifying this plan of action. For one, China (the world's 2nd
largest pollution contributor) is exempted but really, how petty is that??
We won't sign to save the planet from destruction because so-and-so
doesn't have to comply! Waa-waa-waa. Okay, time to step off the soapbox
and off to bed with me. Expect plenty more tree-hugging in the future here
as my environmental conscienceness is just now awakening! *grin*


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Well, this is it. I am officially a Blogger again.
I have been away from the Weblog world for over 2 years now so this should
be interesting. Or maybe not. *grin*

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